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  01 E-Learning Solutions   |   02 Web Application Development   |   03 Mobile Application Development

  elearn  E-Learning Solutions
  We create e-learning solutions for learning management systems (LMS) including Blackboard, Desire2Learn and Moodle.
  Some of our solutions include:

Our Single Sign On application allows your users to use their existing domain accounts to login to your LMS instead of using a different account. It supports inbound and outbound authentications. Its inbound authentication allows users to login to LMS using their domain accounts. Its outbound authentication allows users to login to external applications without entering username and password when they have logged to the LMS.
The online roster application can be integrated with Student Information System (SIS) and Learning Management System (LMS) to allow instructors to view class list and student photos. The class list can be exported as PDF, RTF or HTML.
The online attendance application allows instructors to take class attendance. Instructors can also enable students to mark their own attendance via web or SMS.
The online polling application allows instructors to conduct polling exercises via browser, SMS and mobile devices.
The peer review application allows instructors to conduct peer evaluation exercises. It caters for the following use cases:
 Students evaluate students
 Students evaluate groups
 Students evaluate group members
  Students self-evaluate
The peer review application is integrated with LMS. The class list can be retrieved from LMS. Evaluation results can be exported to LMS grade book or as MS Excel file.
grade book Customized Grade Book
Different institutions have different ways of handling grades. Handling and processing grades usually involve multiple systems with complicated work flow. The process can be very complicated and time-consuming if you do not have an efficient grade book that can handle the integration with other systems. There will not be a perfect grade book in any LMS that you can use for processing grades according to your way without customization. Our powerful customized grade book allows instructors to view, print and release grades easily. It also enables instructors to view grade distribution and statistics, do mass moderation and export grades to other systems.
communication Communication and Collaboration Tools
Most LMS does not provide good communication and collaboration tools for instructors and students. Sending a mass email to a class can involve complicated steps. Our communication tools make it simple and easy for instructors and students to communicate with one another via emails, SMS and social networking tools.

# web  Web Application Development
  We develop web applications using the latest technologies including AJAX, HTML 5, CSS3, ASP.NET, Java, etc. Some of the   applications include:

cms Content Management System (CMS)
The content management system (CMS) allows administrators to manage the contents of a website. The administrators can delegate different roles to other users to maintain certain sections of the website. Its user-friendly interface allows users to create/edit web pages without HTML knowledge.
crs Course Registration System
The course registration system allows students to register for courses or school activities. Administrators can export student list by course/activity, view reports and statistics.
online payment Online Payment System
The online payment system can be integrated with other applications to collect payment online. It supports Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and PayPal . For local payment, debit or online banking via eNETS is also possible.
polling Polling and Survey System
The polling and survey system allows users to participate in polling exercises and surveys via web and SMS. Administrators can create polls and surveys, view and export results.

mobile Mobile Application Development
We develop native mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices as well as generic mobile web apps that cater for most popular mobile devices. One of the unique features of our mobile solutions is that it provides tracking data for you to understand the usage patterns of your apps. With the usage data, you know how popular is your app and thus decide future enhancements and new features.